Kairos Insurance Group Cannabis Division offers employee benefits plans including medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. An agency founded in Colorado, we have over eight years experience helping cannabis businesses build multi-year strategies to provide the best value for the lowest premiums. Kairos is appointed with most major carriers and shops your plan every year so you don’t have to. Our founder, Summer Westerbur, has over twenty years experience designing employee benefits packages.

Open Enrollment:

The easiest way for a business to increase profitability is by decreasing costs. Does your broker quote every carrier at renewal? We have access to all major carriers. If you’ve been with the same carrier for several years, there’s a good chance you’re overpaying. Even if you’ve already renewed next year’s benefits, you’re not locked in. Carriers are required to honor those rates for a year, but you are allowed to switch carriers at any time. We still have time to reduce your premiums so your business can put that money to better use.

Current Trends in Group Health Insurance:

We’re seeing many healthy groups move to level-funded plans. Historically, these plans were only available to large groups. They’re now available to businesses with as few as five employees in some states. They require additional work upfront, but can be a great multi-year strategy for long-term premium stabilization. For healthy groups with lower claims, they also have the possibility of a refund at the end of the year. We also see businesses offering fully-insured plans with multiple plans options offering different levels of coverage to fit any budget.

What about Disability Coverage?

Many carriers continue to decline disability insurance to cannabis companies. Kairos has at least one carrier in each state willing to write disability insurance for cannabis businesses. We only write with A-rated carriers. Disability is a valuable benefit for businesses, especially during the Great Resignation. It’s important to offer a wide range of coverages in your benefits package to retain employment.

Easy Online Enrollment:

We understand the challenge of gathering your employees in one room for an annual enrollment meeting. However, employee benefits communication is an important strategy for employee retention. We work with you to schedule multiple in person or Zoom meetings to explain benefits, demonstrate finding in-network providers, and answering questions about benefits.

Call us at 719-331-1832 or email summer@kairosinsurancegroup.com for a free policy review. 

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