CRP²: The Only Assessment Tool of Its Kind
Most of the risks cannabis businesses face do not have legal standards or guidelines for prevention. This doesn't mean that the risks aren't there. NCRPS believes that the most comprehensive and holistic way to identify risks before they surface is through assessment. We developed an innovative, proprietary tool, Cannabis Risk Prevention Platform.

Industry Specific
Designed specifically to address risk in the cannabis industry, CRP² identifies potential threats and from there, generates a score card and a detailed report complete with customized interventions and resources.
Cloud Based
CRP² is cloud based and creates a living document to drive your risk management activities that can be easily accessed by your team.
Flexible Offers
NCRPS offers both virtual and in-person risk assessments - both are conducted by NCRPS Certified Risk Managers.
Simple · Innovative · Effective
CRP² is purpose built for the industry.
CRP² outputs a ScoreCard showing the health status at the end of each risk assessment.
A detailed report shows where each entity has room for improvement and how to improve it.
Once risk sources are identified, NCRPS gets to work on customized solutions to further improve your risk mitigation performance.
With follow up assessments, CRP² creates a detailed history of how things improved.
Click to watch Chief Risk Management Officer, Alex Hearding's detailed breakdown of the CRP² platform and its mechanics.
Alex Hearing
Chief Risk Management Officer
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