There are a lot of places now to get educated in cannabis and its operations. You may ask yourself, what are the benefits of the NCRMA’s Professional Cannabis Risk Manager certification and why should I get it?

There are many professional roles this certification will help including: cannabis operator, compliance and safety officers, quality managers and even roles adjacent but outside the industry like insurance brokers and banking professionals. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a student looking to get involved in the industry there are multiple reasons to get your PCRM.

  • As the only operational cannabis risk management risk credential the PCRM validates your technical knowledge and commitment to quality and safety.
  • Adding the PCRM to your professional profile demonstrates that you can successfully manage risk in the emerging industry. It gives you knowledge of the major risks facing the industry and how to manage them.
  • It shows your current or future employer that you will create value for their organization and helps you stand out and elevates your status in a crowded field.

Find out more about how you can gain practical knowledge, recognition, and a competitive advantage here.

Alex Hearding
Chief IMPACT Officer

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