Quality Management in Cannabis

Product quality management is still an emerging field in cannabis production. This has mostly to do with federal prohibition, and partly because legalization and its attendant demand moved faster than research could be done. This has created a situation where many veteran operators do not fully understand the risks posed by microbial contaminants in cannabis production. This is risky for both operators and consumers. 

Growing clean cannabis requires a quality management approach that encompasses the entire production process. Just as the HVAC, lighting, and watering have to be in balance for the plants to grow well, quality management in cannabis requires an understanding of which parts of the process are most vulnerable to product contamination, and a coordinated effort by staff and leadership to ensure that appropriate process controls are maintained. To help companies accomplish this, we have developed two continuing education courses: Cannabis Contaminants and Cannabis Microbiology and Pathology. 

Cannabis Contaminants covers the four main types of contamination commonly found in cannabis–residual solvents, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants–and how to prevent them from causing harm to your business and customers. Cannabis Microbiology and Pathology is an in-depth look at the risks posed to cannabis operations by microbes. At over 140 slides, this course is packed with information on the microbes associated with cannabis, and provides practical guidance on how to avoid major risk. 

Microbial contamination can destroy entire crops, cause batch failures and recalls, or cause serious health problems in both employees and consumers. Until there are uniform quality standards in the industry, the onus is on producers to safeguard their customers, employees, and businesses. Fortunately, NCRPS has a stepwise process to identify and control product risk across an entire vertically integrated cannabis operation. Product contamination doesn’t have to keep you up at night, we can help.

Andrew Hatch
Director of Product Safety

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Cannabis Occupational Safety & Health Education

The cannabis industry is still maturing and defining standards. One of the places that the industry was lacking initially was in educating workers in workplace hazards. The industry has many of the same hazards as others, but it does have some that are unique. That was the main reason behind the development on the NCRMA’s Cannabis Occupational Safety & Health courses (or COSH courses as we like to call them). The courses were designed to teach cannabis professionals of the most common hazards and how to control them. Nobody should get hurt at work and each business should prioritize injury prevention and keeping their employees healthy.

The COSH curriculum covers all the major hazards of a cannabis workplace.

Cannabis Sanitation and Hygiene – This course covers the major microbiological and chemical hazards in a cannabis operation and how proper hygiene and sanitation can prevent and mitigate these hazards

Intro to Cannabis Occupational Safety & Health – This course gives the student an introduction to OSHA rules, standards, and enforcement. It also explains how to develop a business’s safety program.

The courses COSH: Biological & Chemical Hazards and COSH: Physical Hazards identify the major hazards in the cannabis workplace and goes over best practices and standards to prevent and mitigate these hazards.

Cannabis 6S - 6S (otherwise known as 5S + Safety) is a system that aims to promote and sustain a high level of productivity and safety throughout a workspace. While adhering to the 5S principle of Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, the 6S method adds the concept of Safety. 6S not only helps cannabis organizations promote efficient working environments but also establishes a sustainable culture of safety.

Because of the unique repetitive motions in cannabis operation, there are musculoskeletal disorders the workers face that can turn into lifelong disabilities. In order to combat these hazards, the NCRMA developed four courses with our service partner Atlas Therapy. Dr. Hughes of Atlas Therapy believes workers are ‘Industrial Athletes’ and describes how to protect them and optimize their performance. The ergonomic courses are Introduction to Cannabis Ergonomics, Lift Like a PRO, Prune Like a PRO, and Trim Like a PRO.

While it’s impossible to predict and prevent all hazards to workers, these COSH courses cover all major hazards found in a cannabis businesses workplace. Keep yourself, your workplace, and your coworkers & employees safe by educating yourself. Stay safe out there everyone!

Alex Hearding
Chief IMPACT Officer

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PCRM Certification Released and NCRM Academy

We are proud to announce a new professional certification available through The National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA): Professional Cannabis Risk Manager (PCRM).

This is the premier certification for demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of operational risks in the cannabis industry.

The program consists of 33 courses covering general risk management and insurance for cannabis businesses as well as specific subjects such as occupational safety & health, compliance, medical cannabis, and talent optimization. Upon completion of the courses and passing a final exam, the PCRM certification is designed to educate and expand on the professional’s awareness and understanding of the many risks of cannabis operations. The courses are delivered by 14 different subject matter experts that are recognized and respected in their fields and the cannabis industry.

Click to go view the PCRM Curriculum on the NCRMA Academy Website

Professionals in many fields obtain various types of certifications and designations to demonstrate the level of knowledge and training in cannabis risk identification and control, as well as their commitment to excellence and best practices.

Whether you are an experienced cannabis operator, compliance professional, safety professional, insurance broker, or you’re transfer your expertise to this rapidly growing industry, attaining the PCRM certification will make you stand out in a crowded industry and show your breadth and depth of knowledge in managing the numerous risks found in cannabis operations.

In addition, attaining the PCRM certification is a worthwhile goal as you plan your career, consider ways to expand your breadth of specialized knowledge, or simply to satisfy ongoing training and development objectives within your company.


  • 33 courses across 6 areas of focus
  • Delivering by 14 subject matter experts with diverse and deep cannabis experience.
  • Over 26 hours of education
  • Comprehensive final exam
  • Certificate of completion

Pricing: Regularly priced at $1,995 with a special introductory offer of $995 until the new year!

The certification is obtained through the NCRM Academy.

Jack Palis
Lead ESG IMPACT Manager and East Coast Regional Manager

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