Cannabis is a Risky Business...
National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services provides solutions designed to mitigate and eliminate threats that can be detrimental to your business goals, brand, reputation and the overall success of the legal cannabis industry as it continues to grow.

Market Summary of Mismanaged Risk Consequences
Data collected and updated monthly by NCRPS
Protect Your Business or Watch it Fail
The Time To Invest In Swift and Powerful Risk Management Support is Now:
Product quality recalls are growing
Instances of compliance violations are frequent
Worker injuries are occurring due to absence of sound ergonomic practices
Natural disasters are on the rise
No bankruptcy protections for the industry exposes owners to significant financial liability
Inability to attract and retain talent threatens the viability of the entire industry
When risk becomes a reality, are you prepared to minimize the impact?
NCRPS Customized Solutions
Tools, procedures, knowledge and support developed in direct response to lessons learned in both new and mature cannabis markets.
Innovative Risk Assessments
Certified Risk Managers
Education, Training & Consultation
"The CRP² tool accurately assessed the hidden risks at all levels of our cannabis business. Additionally, the follow up education was key in providing us with the knowledge that we needed to significantly improve our long term sustainability."
- PA Cultivation Facility
"Without risk prevention like that provided by NCRPS, the early success enjoyed by our cannabis market is not sustainable"
- Jessica Velasquez, Managing Partner, Indiva Advisors
"Cannabis businesses who only use risk management after something bad happens are too late. Such steps must be taken early and often."
- Tony Romo, Chief Development Officer, Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association